Our fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital is less than a month away. As you consider how you may contribute—buying tickets and attending, purchasing 50/50 raffles at your school location, or bidding on one of our online raffles—we’d like to share some examples of why this fundraiser is so important to us.

Over the next week we will post seven real life stories—one each day—of children that are part of our program and have been treated at this amazing hospital. Seven days of sharing so you can see why we care. Seven reasons for you to help us reach our fundraising goal of $75,000 to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital.

A Magical Night of Hope began five years ago when we had two children, in the same preschool room, who were diagnosed with two different life threatening illnesses at the same time. Within weeks of each other, one child was diagnosed with Leukemia, and the second child was diagnosed with stage four Nueroblastoma. Boston Children’s Hospital saved their lives.

Since then we have had multiple children in our program diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses and treated at Boston Children’s Hospital. We are blessed to have such an amazing hospital and network of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals at our fingertips. It is easy to forget that these unfortunate circumstances can hit all of us close to home.

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