On March 31, 2018, we welcomed our sweet girl, Emery, into the world. After arriving home a few days later, we knew something just wasn’t right. We consulted with our pediatrician, who sent us to our community hospital. They were unable to definitively determine what was going on and Emery was transported by the Critical Care Transport Team to the NICU at Boston Children’s Hospital for further evaluation.

We were welcomed that evening by the most warm and gracious NICU nurses. Doctors were immediately brought in and Emery was sent for testing. It was determined that she had malrotated intestines, but that the severity of damage was not known. Those were quite possibly the heaviest, most heartbreaking words that the parents of a seven day old could ever hear.

Dr. Brent Weil and his team operated on Emery that night. After the Ladd’s procedure and appendectomy were complete, we were fortunate enough to learn that we were extremely lucky. Lucky that we caught her condition in time. Lucky that her intestines were still healthy. Lucky that we lived in such close proximity to an institution that could identify the issue and act so quickly.

Not every child has the same opportunity to receive such incredible care. Not every family is able to take their child home. For all of these reasons and more, our family is forever grateful to all of the nurses, doctors, and staff at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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