Brendan is five years old and has been a patient at Boston Children’s Hospital since he was an infant. Feeding Brendan has been a challenge since the day he was born. At six months old he slowly refused to eat, drinking eight or less ounce a day—the same amount that babies drink by 9 am.

He was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital three times in two months for severe dehydration and weight loss, and then finally a prolonged hospital stay for the entire eighth month of his life. It was during this time that we discovered how special this hospital really is. We receive the best possible care you could ask for and watched as our nurses and doctors worked diligently to figure out what was ailing Brendan.

In addition to being diagnosed with Failure to Thrive with a Feeding Aversion, Brendan was eventually diagnosed with a rare allergy to cow’s protein (milk) known as FPIES—Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome. Brendan was exclusively NG tube-fed for five months, and at age one, began intensive feeding therapy to teach him how to eat.

With the support of monthly visits to the Growth and Nutrition Clinic, guidance from his Gastroenterologist, Nutritionist, feeding Therapist, and Behavioral Psychologist, Brendan has grown and developed alongside his peers. He continues to receive weekly Feeding Therapy and Occupational Therapy to help teach his body and mind to enjoy eating.

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