Cooking can be a fun and relaxing time for some people, including your children. And your cooking can not only be fun for all but can have many benefits as well.

  1. Mathematics benefits: Measuring, learning about quantity and volume, exploring numbers, learning geometric concepts of shape, size, position, and direction are all integral parts of cooking.
  2. Science Benefits: They ask scientific questions, planning and conducting investigations, gathering data, and communicating findings
  3. Social Studies Benefits: Identifying problems, gathering information, analyzing information, and drawing conclusions
  4. Fine Motor Development: Great at using the small muscles in the hand as well as refining hand-eye coordination; such as an eggbeater to beat eggs

One example of a great cooking activity to do with your children is baking a banana bread, not only will it be fun the end result will be DELICIOUS! Thanks for the recipe Miss Christina!

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