It rains a LOT in the Amazon—that’s why it’s called a rain forest! Today we’re going to make our very own rain sticks so we can pretend we’re there exploring!



  1. Crumple up a long, thin piece of aluminum foil and insert it into the paper towel tube. The aluminum foil will act as the barrier to keep the beans or popcorn kernels moving through the tube at a slow rate, making the rainfall sound.
  2. Put a doubled-up piece of plastic wrap over one end of the paper towel tube, and tape in place.
  3. Pour a tablespoon of dry beans or popcorn kernels into the open end of the tube, then seal the end with a doubled-up piece of plastic wrap. Tape plastic wrap in place.
  4. Tape paper to the paper towel tube, then wrap around tube, securing end with tape.
  5. Decorate with marker and stickers.
  6. Tip back and forth to hear the sweet sound of rainfall!
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