Play Spaces Offering Private Sessions

Are your kids missing their favorite play spaces? Good news—some play spaces are starting to open up and they’re offering private sessions! Read on for some favorite North Shore play areas you can book right now!

The Children’s Piazza
83 Pine Street Peabody, MA 

The Children’s Piazza is limiting entry and requiring advanced registration for general play. But if you’d prefer to keep it totally private with only people you know, you can rent the entire space for a two hour window for $150.

Room to Bloom
81 Bridge Street Beverly, MA

Room to Bloom isn’t currently offering open play but you can go VIP and reserve a private 90 minute session for 18 people (this includes kids and adults). 

Itsy Bitsy Zone
167 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA

You can book 75 minutes of private fun at the Itsy Bitsy Zone. Price is $12/person for up to 12 people (minimum of $60). Adults must wear masks.


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