At Magical Beginnings, we value our staff and community not just in our words, but by our actions. We want to show you the core values behind the scenes that define how we work and teach. Learn more about our mission for teachers and our community culture! 

Teachers Are Valued

Teachers are at the heart of everything we do at Magical Beginnings. We focus on lifting up employee strengths and working together as a team to grow as a school and as individuals.

Teachers take ownership of their classrooms, write their own lesson plans, and bring their ideas to life. We want our staff to succeed and grow, with every day as a reminder why we work in this industry: Our love for children.

  • Encouragement to find and use your voice
  • Creative freedom and outside-the-box thinking
  • Showcasing your unique skills, whatever your special talent happens to be
  • Recognition of you as a person, and not just a number
  • A voice to help guide the future of Magical Beginnings
  • An opportunity to lean in and be a part of something bigger
  • Benefits that reflect the needs of your profession
  • Celebration of your hard work

Family & Community First

Students are best served by a welcoming school community that encourages collaboration and diversity in our schools and beyond. From Day One, this has been a family business. That has been a foundational part of our mission and even as we grow to new facilities, we will never sacrifice that close-knit family approach with our staff. We welcome you to our family and we’re thrilled to have you here with us.

What does this mean for our school community? 

  • Work-life balance to ensure that you can enjoy special moments with your family
  • A shared commitment to the greater community
  • Creative, innovative ways to give back
  • Nonprofit events, volunteer opportunities, and other philanthropy
  • Praise and celebration of your unique talents
  • A staff of approachable team players
  • Support for creating a ‘culture of yes’
  • A culture of empowerment and support
  • Effective, supportive and direct communication

Working Smarter, Together

Here we lift each other up and work together. We succeed when we focus on open communication, strong partnerships, and the value of our team.

Working as a team helps us collaborate and find solutions together, create an encouraging environment for students, and ensure that we are maximizing our time and skillsets to enrich young lives. The close-knit feel from our earliest days is still a staple now, and we know that during your time here, you can build long-lasting professional and personal connections.

What does this mean?

  • A supportive culture and climate
  • Opportunities to grow with the company
  • Working together in co-teacher classrooms
  • Courage bringing new ideas to the table
  • An open-door policy to foster trust and communication
  • A ‘work hard / play hard’ grit and mentality
  • Your curiosity and desire to improve each day
  • A willingness to learn and grow from making mistakes
  • Being ready for the challenge each day

Passion & Positivity

Education is our shared passion, and we approach every single day with excitement knowing that we are enriching the next generation of leaders.

Each staff member at Magical Beginnings brings renewed passion for our work, reminding us that our purpose is clear. We don’t simply provide childcare, but rather we lay the vital foundation for kids to grow into exceptional adults. We teach because we want to make a difference – in our schools, in our communities, and in the world.

What does this mean?

  • Adapting, learning, and growing every single day
  • A ‘nothing is impossible’ approach to problem-solving
  • Leave impact on early childhood education
  • Mutual respect of new ideas and perspectives
  • A shared belief that people have positive intent
  • Active listening and constructive feedback
  • Being clear on not just what you say, but also how you say it
  • A clear expectation that you will be a positive role model

Like what you hear? We’re always looking for quality teachers to join our family! 

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