World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day! Read on for simple ways you can celebrate the day with your kids. 

  1. Make a meal for a neighbor
  2. Read a story to a younger sibling
  3. Rake a neighbor’s leaves
  4. Offer walk a neighbor’s dog
  5. Pick up trash at a local park or playground
  6. Hold the door for someone else
  7. Write a thank you letter to a teacher
  8. Write a thank you letter to a service member
  9. Draw pictures and write notes of gratitude for local healthcare workers
  10. Round up canned goods for the local homeless shelter
  11. Donate gently used toys
  12. Leave a bottle of water and a snack out for the mail carrier
  13. Use sidewalk chalk to share positive messages to neighbors
  14. Choose a favorite charity and start a savings jar
  15. Pull a neighbor’s garbage or recycling can up their driveway
  16. Make get-well cards for children in the hospital
  17. Clean up someone else’s mess
  18. Hide sweet or funny notes all around your house for your family to find
  19. Tell a grandparent what you love most about them
  20. Donate used books to the local library.




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