Our Core Values

It’s All About Family

From Day One, this has been a family business. That has been a foundational part of our mission and even as we grow to new facilities, we will never sacrifice that close-knit family approach with our staff. We welcome you to our family and we’re thrilled to have you here with us.

It is important to take care of the families that come to us to look after their children, but also to take care of the families of our staff. We are committed to your work-life balance to ensure that you can enjoy special moments with your family.

Commited to Our Community

We are part of a bigger community at-large and we hope that you will join us for opportunities to give back through the school. We also encourage our directors and teachers to come up with creative, innovative ways to give back through nonprofit events, volunteer opportunities, and other philanthropy.

Our Philosophy

A child’s brain literally grows with the engagement of play, developing executive functions like regulating emotions, problem-solving, and making plans. Play also fosters critical social and emotional skills and creates a safe, welcoming place for parents to send their children. Through your work, you will play a crucial role during the most formative parts of a child’s life, through all stages of early development.

Our classrooms feature:

  • Multi-age classrooms where younger students learn from older peers
  • Classroom continuity and stability, with students growing and building relationships over time
  • Music and movement
  • Sensory play
  • Creative outside-the-box solutions
  • Award-winning curricula to strengthen fine motor skills
  • Hands-on learning to teach pre-writing skills
  • Research-based Fundations® curriculum, focused on phonics, spelling, handwriting, and word comprehension