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Our Peabody location is turning 20 this year! Magical Beginnings has grown since then, and we have been so lucky to have many of our staff members stand by us and see all 20 years of growth. We appreciate your efforts to make Magical Beginnings what it is, and look forward to another 20 years.

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Best of the North Shore

We are proud to have received the 2023 BONS Reader’s Choice Award for Best Kids’ Program/Early Enrichment – our third year in a row!

The annual Best of the North Shore (BONS) Awards celebrate Northshore magazine’s editors’ and readers’ picks for the North Shore’s best services and more. Each year, local businesses are nominated and voted on by the editors and readers of Northshore. 

A Bit About
Magical Beginnings

Our History and How We Started

Magical Beginnings began with a vision of family because there is no greater responsibility than watching after the loved ones of another. Because of that, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Beyond classroom learning, we seek to enrich and nourish a child in every aspect of early development.

Our goal is to blend together the close-knit feeling of a family daycare with the professional advantages of a center-based daycare. We have created a center where parents are not simply comfortable leaving their children, but they are encouraged to be involved in their child’s day.

At Magical Beginnings, we know that every child is unique. We are sensitive to their social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs. We encourage children to explore and express their creativity to help strengthen their positive self-image. Here, play is an essential part of the learning process. Children will learn to interact with each other and learn to share, take turns and cooperate through play. Play and learning are inseparable companions.

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We encourage children to explore and express their creativity to help strengthen a child’s positive self-image

Planting the Seed for Their Dreams to Grow

Children will interact with each other while learning to share, take turns, and cooperate through play.

Skip & Shirley LaBrie Scholarship Fund​

Shirley LaBrie was not only the loving mother of MB President Linda Hassapis, but also a huge part of our 20 year long story here at Magical Beginnings. 

In honor of Shirley and her husband Skip, Magical Beginnings is proud to announce the Skip and Shirley LaBrie Scholarship Fund to award to students working on their degree in Early Childhood Education at Peabody Veteran Memorial High School.

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