It’s all about family.

From Day One, this has been a family business. That has been a foundational part of our mission and even as we grow to new facilities, we will never sacrifice that close-knit family approach with our staff. Meet the staff – our family – who ensure that each Magical Beginnings location is living up to the high standards we know you and your little ones deserve.

Linda Hassapis, Owner/President

Linda Hassapis is the owner and president of the Magical Beginnings Learning Centers.

Linda has always had a passion for early childhood education and has been in the industry since 1990. She started with a successful family daycare in her home before her two children were born. In the year 2000, she transitioned to center based childcare when she opened Magical Beginnings. Linda’s goal was to combine the close knit feeling of a family daycare with the advantages of a center daycare.

She has been blessed with a dedicated, supportive, energetic staff who really want to make a difference in early childhood education. With their help, Magical Beginnings has grown from one school to now six locations. The staff take great pride in their classrooms and curriculum planning, making sure each child feels welcome and cared for and that each family becomes part of our Magical Beginnings family.

Linda looks forward to meeting you and your family!

Melissa Ritchie, Director – Middleton (Maple Street)

Melissa has been with Magical Beginnings since 2002.

Melissa started at the Peabody location as a teacher’s aide. She was attending Salem State at the time as a full time student. Melissa graduated Salem State in 2003 with a Bachelors in Education and then started working full time at the Peabody location. She started out in the infant room and then found her love for the toddler age group. Melissa was a toddler teacher in Peabody for about 15 years before she began her journey at the Middleton location. In 2017 Melissa became the Assistant Director at the Middleton, Maple Street location. Two years later Melissa was promoted to the Director role.

Melissa loves the Magical Beginnings community—it’s like a second family to her. She is so thankful for the support and kindness that all of the staff have shown her.

Both of Melissa’s children have attended Magical Beginnings.

Fun Fact: Melissa loves sports and her favorite thing to do is watch her two boys play on their sports teams. She is so proud watching them have fun and learn how to be team players.

Melissa Misci, Office Manager – Middleton (Maple Street)

Melissa has been with Magical Beginnings since 2013.

Melissa started working at Magical Beginnings as a toddler teacher in at the Middleton, Maple Street school. In 2018, she was promoted to Office Manager.

Melissa’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is being able to learn and grow with such an amazing company. She has developed lifetime relationships with amazing coworkers.

Fun Fact: Both of Melissa’s children have had the opportunity to attend Magical Beginnings.

Erin Bunnell, Director – Wakefield

Erin has been with Magical Beginnings since 2009.

Erin started working at Magical Beginning in Wakefield as a toddler teacher. In 2013, Erin became the center Director.

Erin loves being a part of the Magical Beginnings family. She enjoys watching children learn and grow each day, and she is so proud when they reach new milestones. Erin has a passion for early childhood development. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and loves it.

Fun Fact: Erin has two sons that keep her busy when she is not at work. She loves spending time with her family on the weekends. She also loves watching sports!

Katie Ruane, Office Manager – Wakefield

Katie has been with Magical Beginnings since 2005.

Katie started working at the Peabody Magical Beginnings as a toddler teacher. Katie’s best friend Courtney, who is the Director at the River St. Magical Beginnings in Middleton, introduced her to MB many years ago. In 2010, Katie became a full-time Infant teacher in Wakefield where she worked for the next 9 years. In 2019, Katie was promoted to Office Manager at the Wakefield school. She is thankful to be able to grow and develop her career at Magical Beginnings.

Katie’s favorite part about working for Magical Beginnings is seeing the wonderful families, children, and staff that she works with every day.

Fun Fact: Katie graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree from UMASS Amherst in May 2020.

Courtney Savage, Director – River Academy Middleton

Courtney has been with Magical Beginnings since 2002.

Courtney started as a teacher’s aide in the Peabody school. Shortly after that, she became a full-time preschool teacher there. Courtney focused on her specialty Pre-K age group until Magical Beginnings opened a new location in 2017 in Middleton. Courtney then accepted the position of Center Director at the Middleton, River Street school.

Courtney’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is that everyone has become her family. She has been blessed to make so many connections with children, families and co-workers.

Fun Fact: Courtney’s two sisters are Directors in our Peabody and Hamilton locations!

Melissa Denish, Director – River Academy Middleton

Melissa has been with Magical Beginnings since 2010.

Melissa started in Wakefield as a teacher’s aide. She then became a toddler teacher while she finished her Bachelor’s Degree. In 2017, she accepted the role of Office Manager in Wakefield. As she finished her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2018, she moved to the Middleton, River Street location as the Director.

Melissa’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is developing relationship with the children and families. She also loves the “staff family” at MB.

Fun Fact: Melissa loves animals—she has four dogs! Melissa also has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education.

Christine Brown, Technology Director - Essex

Christine has been with Magical Beginnings since 2005.

Christine came from a corporate background where she was the Senior Administrator for an industrial gas company. She originally came on board to help Linda in the office. Christine received her teaching certificate and then worked toward becoming EEC Director certified.

Since joining Magical Beginnings, Christine has had many roles. She started in the Peabody center in 2005 and has acted as the Director in the Wakefield, Middleton, Hamilton and Essex centers. Overall, her role has become the director that opens the newest locations, where she works with EEC to obtain licenses to operate, set up classrooms, order supplies, etc.

In 2019, she assumed the position of Technology Director. Christine will help Magical Beginnings incorporate more technology in the classrooms, as well as in the office. Magical Beginnings is now using Class Dojo to help communicate with parents and share classroom activities.

Christine’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is being able to work so closely with a group of ladies that she considers such great friends. Christine has loved watching Linda grow Magical Beginnings from a home daycare to a thriving company!

Fun Fact: Christine was the Peabody YMCA “Most Improved Bowler” 1978 and she still has the trophy in her living room to prove it.

Cori Trembowicz, Director - Essex

Cori has been with Magical Beginnings since 2018.

Cori has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years. She was very happy to become part of the team, when Magical Beginnings took over Lil Sprouts. Cori started as an Assistant Director and co-teacher and then became the center Director in 2020. She enjoys working with her staff each and every day.

Cori’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is that everyone takes great pride in their commitment to the families and communities. She is proud to be part of a company that offers the highest quality care and is dedicated to valuing their employees.

Fun Fact: Cori is a certified ChildLight Yoga teacher.

Joy Taylor, Office Manager - Essex

Joy has been with Magical Beginnings since 2019.

Before joining Magical Beginnings, Joy spent most of her career in medical offices as an office manager, living in New Hampshire. She grew up in Peabody, MA with her sister, Linda (the president of MB), and recently decided to move back to the North Shore to be closer to her parents and siblings. Joy joined the Essex team as Office Manager.

Joy’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is the positive work environment and the willingness of everyone to help out and work as a team. She also loves getting to know the children and their families.

Fun Fact: Joy has a four year old Cockapoo named Abbie. She is also known as Grandma Joy to her nine wonderful grandchildren.

Kimberly Coco, Director – South Hamilton

Kim has been with Magical Beginnings since 2000.

Kim started in Peabody as a toddler teacher. She stayed there until 2011 before transferring to the Maple Street location to open a new preschool classroom and then a transitional toddler classroom. She returned to Peabody in 2012, taking a position as a preschool teacher and then teaching Pre-K the following year. In 2013, Kim became a Co-Director in our Wakefield location and eventually became a Traveling Director, assisting all of the locations. In 2016, Kim took the Director position in Hamilton where she has been ever since!

Kim’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is that the staff are like family. She loves having fun everyday with her staff.

Fun Fact: Kim has three children who have attended Magical Beginnings Peabody! She loves to spoil her dog rotten!

Mackenzie Gomes, Office Manager – South Hamilton

Mackenzie has been with Magical Beginnings since 2012.

Mackenzie started working at Magical Beginnings in Peabody as a teacher’s aide when she was in high school. After exploring different career paths, Mackenzie returned to Magical Beginnings, taking an infant teacher position at the Wakefield location. She feels so lucky to have grown with the company and was excited to take the Office Manager position at the Hamilton location in March of 2019.

Mackenzie’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginnings is the sense of family and camaraderie among the staff.

Fun Fact: Mackenzie loves volleyball. She plays competitive volleyball year round; beach, grass, indoor, and co-ed.

Rachel Irving, Managing Director of Operations – South Hamilton

Rachel has been with Magical Beginnings since 2002.

Rachel began working as a toddler teacher at Magical Beginnings for many years until she relocated to Maine. When she came back to Massachusetts, she returned to Magical Beginnings Peabody as an Office Manager. From there, Rachel helped open the Hamilton location and became the Operations Manager for all six locations.

Rachel’s favorite part about working at Magical Beginning is working with all of the families, children and staff.

Fun Fact: Rachel is from Prince Edward Island. Her stepmother, Miss Ellie, is a teacher at our Peabody location! Rachel loves theater and reading!

Laura Greene, Senior Managing Director – Peabody

Laura has been with Magical Beginnings since 2000.

Laura, who started working with Linda at her home daycare, has been friends with Magical Beginnings’ President, Linda, since 7th grade! In 1999 Linda purchased Laura’s grandparents home and opened a center based daycare where Laura acted as her Assistant Director as well as one of the preschool teachers from July 2000-September of 2012. In September of 2012, Laura transferred to Wakefield as the Director. When an opportunity for a Director position opened up in Peabody, Laura’s childhood home, she transferred there where she has been ever since. In September of 2019, Laura was promoted to Senior Managing Director, offering support to fellow directors, their staff and families when needed.

Magical Beginnings has allowed Laura to work with her sisters every day, who are Directors at two other locations. Laura is grateful to have developed and maintained friendships throughout the years with the amazing people who work at Magical Beginnings.

Fun Fact: Laura rarely watch the news! Instead she watches something that will make her laugh, such as The Office.

Kalee Morais, Assistant Director – Peabody

Kalee has been with Magical Beginnings since 2007.

Kalee began student teaching in preschool at Magical Beginnings Peabody. After that, she worked part time for a few months and then became a full-time preschool teacher. Kalee became the Assistant Director in Peabody in 2020.

She loves working at Magical Beginnings because her co-workers have become family. Kalee feels so lucky to have her children attend Magical Beginnings and have her coworkers teach her children.

Fun Fact: Kalee loves to plan parties!

Kristin Maher, Executive Assistant – Peabody

Kristin has been with Magical Beginnings since 2018.

Kristin is the Executive Assistant to Linda, Magical Beginnings owner and President. Kristin came from a background in office management, human resources, and recruiting. She feels lucky to be able to work for Linda, who is an inspiration as a successful businesswoman and truly cares about her staff. Kristin is looking forward to continuing her career with Magical Beginnings and to get to know more staff and families.

Fun Fact: One of Kristin’s bucket list items was to run the Boston Marathon. She ran it in 2012 for the Boston Children’s Hospital team. Kristin also love to travel. She hopes to visit all the national parks in the United States someday!

Arlene Chiaradonna - Social Worker & Educational Consultant

Arlene has been with Magical Beginnings since 2014.

Arlene is the social worker and educational consultant at Magical Beginnings. She has been involved in the education of young children since 1969, owning and operating childcare programs. Arlene was employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care as a Licensor and then a Licensing Supervisor of Child Care Programs for twenty-two years.

Arlene works with the staff and families to help ensure all children are ready for a happy, healthy, and successful start in education.

Fun Fact: Arlene is now retired and is so happy to be continuing her love of working with children.

Job Opportunities

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