Magical Beginnings began with a vision of family because there is no greater responsibility than watching after the loved ones of another. Because of that, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Beyond classroom learning, we seek to enrich and nourish a child in every aspect of early development.

Our Goal

Our goal is to blend together the close-knit feeling of a family daycare with the professional advantages of a center-based daycare. We have created a center where parents are not simply comfortable leaving their children, but they are encouraged to be involved in their child’s day.

Open Communication

Open communication is important for parents and teachers to be informed about their child’s day and the progress they are making. We create collaborative logs with contributions from parents and teachers to track eating, diaper changes, naps, and other activities. We hold parent conferences bi-annually and distribute monthly newsletters that explain our curriculum, what our students are learning, and activities at the center.

Parent Involvement

Parent participation is an important part of our center. With our open-door policy, we want to hear from parents about their experiences, what’s going on at home that may impact learning, and even unique hobbies or talents that can be shared with our school community. We also create opportunities for parents to sign up for class participation.


Toddlers and preschool children bring in everything they need for a successful morning/afternoon snack, lunch, and drinks in an insulated lunchbox with an ice pack.


At Magical Beginnings we believe in positive redirection to another activity. We encourage the
children to work out their problems on their own before our involvement, and children
participate in the development of rules whenever possible.


Most children enjoy celebrating the holidays at school. We try to do our best to be as inclusive
as possible, and we welcome parents to come in or send in anything that might help us learn
and celebrate a certain holiday or culture.

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