Guiding Principles for How We Teach

We hold ourselves to a higher standard at Magical Beginnings. Beyond classroom learning, we seek to enrich and nourish a child in every aspect of early development.

Our Story

From humble roots in 1990, Magical Beginnings has always had a vision to provide a nurturing, constructive and education-first environment for young children. Today, the Magical Beginnings’ schools are an award-winning collection of Early Childhood Education Centers serving communities and families in Massachusetts.

We recognize that children have unique social, emotional, physical and educational needs which are molded during their formative years, from infancy to kindergarten. Our goal is to blend together the close-knit feeling of a family daycare with the professional advantages of a center-based model. We have created a center where parents are not simply comfortable leaving their children, but they are encouraged to be involved in their child’s day.

Our Schools are led by a team of directors who embody a growth mindset and are devoted to families and staff. Our teachers encourage children to express their creativity to help strengthen their positive self-image through a combination of play-based learning and academic tools. Our goals are so much greater than providing loving care and preparing your child for their next steps in Education: we aim to help a child grow by instilling confidence and expression of self into their developmental process. In doing so, we are able to connect the values of at-home childcare with the professional advantages of center-based care.

Magical Beginnings encourages staff and families to uphold values of integrity, equality and love, creating the gold standard of Early Childhood Education in Massachusetts.

Our Philosophy

A child’s brain literally grows with the engagement of play, developing executive functions like regulating emotions, problem-solving, and making plans. Play also fosters critical social and emotional skills and creates a safe, welcoming place for parents to send their children. Through your work, you will play a crucial role during the most formative parts of a child’s life, through all stages of early development. 


Our classrooms feature:  

  • Multi-age classrooms where younger students learn from older peers 
  • Classroom continuity and stability, with students growing and building relationships over time 
  • Music and movement
  • Sensory play  
  • Creative outside-the-box solutions 
  • Award-winning curricula to strengthen fine motor skills 
  • Hands-on learning to teach pre-writing skills  
  • Research-based Fundations® curriculum, focused on phonics, spelling, handwriting, and word comprehension 


Through our work, teachers play a crucial role during the most formative parts of a child’s life, through all stages of early development.  

Our Infant programs are tailored to the unique needs of each infant, and incorporate music and movement, reading and sensory play, and prepare infants for the next stage in our Toddler program. 

Our Toddler programs utilize a multi-age approach. Our younger students learn from their older peers; our older students serve as role models. This approach gives stability in each classroom, with students growing and building relationships over time. 

Our Preschool program also uses award-winning curricula to strengthen fine motor skills and teach pre-writing skills through hands-on learning activities designed to address all learning types. 

Additional enrichment programs normally take place throughout the year: Yoga; Soccer Shots; Spanish; Music and Movement; Cooking; and others. We also offer a Summer Camp Program that features fun activities: Field Trips; Story Tellers; Curious Creatures; Bubble Shows; Musical Performances; and an Ice Cream Truck. 

Great People.
Amazing Children.


It’s all about family.

From Day One, this has been a family business. That has been a foundational part of our mission and even as we grow to new facilities, we will never sacrifice that close-knit family approach with our staff. Meet the staff – our family – who ensure that each Magical Beginnings location is living up to the high standards we know you and your little ones deserve.

Our History

Linda Hassapis opened the first Magical Beginnings center in Peabody in the summer of 2000 after operating a successful home daycare. Her goal was to combine the close knit feeling of a family daycare with the advantages of a center daycare. With the help and support of my family, friends and the surrounding community, as well as an amazing team of teachers, Magical Beginnings Inc. opened in July of 2000.

Many of the teachers who opened the school with Linda continue to work at the Peabody school today and the Magical Beginnings team has had the privilege of watching their families grow and see so many of their children graduate from our school.

Since opening in Peabdy, Magical Beginnings has continued to expand and now has 6 locations throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts. There are now two locations in Middleton, our Peabody location and additional facilities in Essex, South Hamilton and Wakefield.

Job Opportunities

We are looking for fun, energetic individuals to join our Magical Beginnings’ family. If you love working with children and enjoy helping them explore the world around them as they learn and develop we may have the perfect position for you. We offer competitive wages based on education and experience, full-time benefits and flexible schedules.

Click here  or view our list of openings below to explore our current positions at all six of our locations.

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