It was a beautiful summer morning and Bennett was doing one of his favorite things, kicking a soccer ball around the backyard. He took one unfortunate swipe at the ball, missed, and fell awkwardly. I didn’t think much of it—as the youngest of three boys, he had fallen MANY times before. This fall didn’t seem any more out of the ordinary than the previous ones. But he didn’t get up. And he kept crying, which was very unlike him.

I brought him to his pediatrician, convinced that I was overreacting and that he would walk once we got there. They sent me down for precautionary X-rays and told me that I could go home and wait for the results. Based on his calm—but whimpering—behavior, she was sure that it wasn’t anything too serious. Once his X-rays were done, the X-ray tech sent me immediately back upstairs to the pediatrician and told me not to go home. When I got upstairs, they brought me immediately into a room and showed me the X-ray. I nearly fainted. He had a complete spiral fracture of his femur.

Our pediatrician sent us to Peabody Boston Children’s Hospital, who sent us immediately to Boston Children’s Hospital. We were admitted and Bennett was put under anesthesia the next morning to have his spica cast put on. That was the beginning of his journey.

Throughout our stay at BCH the nurses, doctors, and the rest of the hospital staff were comforting, warm, and just so kind. They walked us through every aspect of caring for a child in a spica cast and made sure that we were comfortable with it before we brought him home.

At every follow-up visit over the course of our seven week spica cast journey, we were greeted with warmth and treated with compassion and patience as we navigated these very challenging weeks.

We are forever grateful for the top-notch care and the overwhelming compassion that we received at BCH.

Bennett is now on the mend and most of the effects of his broken femur are behind him. We are so grateful.

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