Today we’re going to make some abstract art! Using marbles and paint we can create beautiful one-of-a-kind artwork like Jackson Pollock’s famous spatter paintings. Don’t forget to send in your masterpiece so we can showcase it in the art show! [email protected]



  1. Put different color paints in the muffin tin sections (or egg carton or bowls) and place a sheet of paper in your shallow box or baking dish
  2. Drop marbles into the paint colors. Use your spoons to mix them around so they get coated in the paint. (you can use as many or as little marbles as you like)
  3. Using your spoons, scoop up your paint covered marbles and put them into your box with the paper
  4. Start painting! Move the box around to make the marbles roll and paint a masterpiece!
  5. If you need more paint, drop marbles back into paint and repeat.
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